Frequently Asked Questions

When will there be new dice?

I try to update the shop once a month with new and exciting creations. If you are looking for more frequent updates, reminders, or previews of what might be in the shop, you should follow us on Instagram @boogangsbaubles

Why are your dice so expensive?

Everything about my process is done by hand. This takes time and a significant amount of energy and that equates to time and value. My prices ensure that I am fairly compensated for the many hours of working time that goes into every set and single. I have done lots of research into current market prices for artisan, hand crafted dice and the rates provided are more than reasonable. I try to include some singles with each launch to help provide a more affordable option.

Why are your dice sets/singles different prices? 

My pricing structure is based on time materials, and quality. I've created the table below to help better explain my reasoning and provide some transparency in my pricing.

$95 (Full) / $30 (Single)

These dice require multiple pours to be completed. This increases the working time, as well as material costs due to the creation of the inclusions themselves. The best example of this are any animal inclusion dice.

$80 (Full) / $25 (Single)
These dice can be completed in one pour. They tend to have more significant materials costs. This tends to go towards specialty pigments, metallic foil, or purchased inclusions.
$70 (Full) / $20 (Single)
 These dice are either the most basic with only simple colourants, or they have imperfections that could not be removed. If there are significant imperfections there will be a note in the product description.

The dice I bought aren't perfect! What gives?

Every die is hand-poured, hand-polished, and hand-inked. Because of that there may be some minor imperfections that can be seen on these dice. The most common flaws are edge angles that aren't 100% perfect, some faces being slightly over-sanded, microscratches on faces, or small mold markings.
Even though these imperfections are present on the dice, they still perform great. They should roll just as randomly as standard factory dice and they still shine nice and bright.  

My dice arrived broken/damaged! What can I do?

If your dice arrive damaged, please reach out via Instagram DM and I will do my best to right the situation! (And we can curse the postal system together...)